Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pimp My Bedroom

At night, there is no place I'd rather be than in my own bed, in my own bedroom (and this, coming from a girl who is also partial to the kitchen, given the proximity it affords to the bottomless bag of chocolate chips).  I would do more traveling if I could figure out how to transport myself home at night to sleep in my own bed.

As much as I love being in my bed, I don't much like the way my bedroom looks. TV sitcoms and dramas (after which I try to model my life) feature bedrooms that look uber-comfy no matter the socio-economic status or decorating savvy of the character residing in them.  There's always a bed lovingly covered with a handmade quilt, pillows of various sizes with just the right plushness factor and a bedside table with 1) an artfully framed family picture  2) a flower vase with a Calotropis Gigantea in full bloom and a drop of dew naturally splashed on top  3) two books and a magazine and 4) a tall carafe of water (with fresh slice of lemon).

It probably doesn't hurt that Jon Hamm might be installed in said bedroom.

Contrast this with the contents of my bedside table: 
  • Three years worth of paper Explanation of Benefits from our health insurance company, including the one for my colonoscopy.  (Reminders of pleasant times help me sleep).
  • Two books about child rearing without tears.  Clearly, I never got past the table of contents.
  • A pyrex custard cup with the remnants of the mint chip frozen yogurt I shared with the cat last night.
  • A button, a zip drive and a business card for a circus clown and contortionist.  Because, well, you never know.
Under my bed are enough dust bunnies to put on a community theater production of Watership Down, my Weight Watchers literature and my computer.  Last thing at night, I hang my head over the side of the bed, stretch out my arms and slide the computer underneath; I reverse the process first thing in the morning.

Below is a picture of my bedroom.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to PIMP MY BEDROOM.  (Yes, that IS a piece of amigurumi candy corn and a newel post on the bookcase).

Color it beautiful.  Transform it into a sanctuary.  Make my life is a sitcom.


  1. I'm probably not the best one to ask. I have a pile of used kleenexes on my bedside table.

  2. Surely you can scare up a handmade quilt somewhere or other.

  3. Take a trip to goodwill and just poke about a bit there, you will find some things that can transform a room easily, pictures in lovely frames and you can always take out the pics and out your own in, quilts, throws. Just a couple of new things can really make a difference

    Julie Labes,...The Fierce over 50 feels much younger point and click junkie loves to travel does not use a jogging stroller and before you ask this is NOT my granddaughter..Woman

  4. @Karla - here's a demonstration of what to do with tissues a la Martha Stewart

    @Merrill - Plenty of quilts at home -- I just lose interest or patience before I get to queen size!

    Julie - I love stores like Goodwill -- I am just not good at putting things together to make a room cozy.

  5. Find some extravagant that you love, choose one color from the bedding for the walls (preferably one of the more "neutral" ones), and then let your imagination flow from there.

  6. At my bedside is a framed picture of a Turkey named Sparky, a pen I never use, a box of tissues (that you gave me!), a whole box of brand new pencils, a recipe booklet from 1910, half a bottle of water, and an alarm clock.

    Maybe you could try throw pillows and a new comforter (or comforter cover), to perk things up.

  7. Hi Joan, this is awesome! Who knew you were such a comedian? Hope you are doing well.