Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blast from the past

I am taking a couple of courses at Rutgers and yesterday I went online to see what grades I earned last semester.

I also earned my undergraduate degree at Rutgers, back in the days when abacuses and slide rulers ruled (btw, "abaci" is also an accepted alternative form if you ever need to pluralize "abacus."  If, for example, you're planning on opening up a teacher supply store in ancient China).  In other words, very long ago.

What was interesting -- and unexpected -- is that in addition to my last semester grades, I found an accounting of all the grades for every class I ever took as a Douglass College undergraduate (Douglass was the woman's division of Rutgers -- now it is a "residential college.").  Grades for classes I have no recollection of ever taking (like Prep for Calculus. WTH?).  Classes I took more than 30 years ago.

Reviewing my classes and their associated grades was like finding some very old and tattered diaries and photo albums in the attic.  They summed up four years of work and interests that have very little to do with what I do today (although more to do with who I am today - I took lots of French and Spanish classes and still love speaking foreign languages).

I felt as though I were reading an ancient history text, with myself as the subject, a curiosity from the past.

Maybe the AARP is on to something after all.

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  1. I was a Spanish major in college. Maybe I should dig out my old transcripts and see how many things (besides what I just ate for breakfast) I've forgotten.