Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Be the Jdeal Brand Ambassador for 2011!

10)   I'm a native New Yorker and know a schlemiel from a schlimazel, whitefish from tunafish and a "great" deal from just an "okay" deal.  (P.S. the schlemiel is the one who spills the soup on the schimazel's lap).

 9)   My bubbe can beat up your bubbe.  She learned this skill while fighting it out for the best bargains in the shtetl and, as we all know, traits like these are passed on genetically.  (Ask your son the geneticist/doctor to explain it to you).

Source:  Flickr Creative Commons, NIGC NLW
 8)  I never pay retail for anything.  I cut my teeth on garage and estate sales. I'm always on the lookout for the next great bargain and think you should be too!  It's Tradition!

 7)  It's cold.  Put on a sweater.  But don't pay retail for it.  I know a place....

    Source:  Flickr Creative Commons, Library of Congress
 6) I just bought some Chanukah decorations - on sale at Lowes for 75% off!  At Lowes - who would have thought?  On January 12!  That's the kind of representation you need.

 5) I have a shanah punim and that punim is poised for her close-up as Jdeal's 2011 Brand Ambassador!  Here I am, on my way out to "troll" the city for the best deals for you!
    Source:  Joan Oliver Emmer

 4)  I am married to my beshert and together we have two wonderful, marvelous menschen who are destined to be doctors and lawyers -- or wholesale executives (even better!). Here's a picture of us relaxing at home:

    Source:  Joan Oliver Emmer
 3)  I call my mother in Florida every Thursday and Sunday (when the telephone rates go down).  She's all verklempt about potentially being the mother of an "Ambassador."  But she still doesn't quite get this "web thing."

 2) I have the New York accent to go with this New York based honor.  It's especially strong when I'm in the kitchen with my mother, aunts, sister and girl cousins, pulling every single last shred of chicken off the carcass.  Because why should it go to waste?


and the #1 reason why I should be Jdeal's Brand Ambassador for 2011:

 1) I will work tirelessly to let you know all about the best deals in the Jewish world (don't worry about me, I'll sleep when I'm dead).


  1. I will not tell them that you didn't know what p'tcha got my vote mein freunde. -- L.x

  2. So far I bought 3 deals from

    Excellent services and products at discount prices.

    Seems is becoming the Jewish Groupon for the Jewish community