Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Going Shopping!

I'm going back to work. 

I'll be starting in two weeks, working part time and telecommuting (and no, I won't be trying to sell you time shares in the Poconos).  For the first time in eight months I'll be earning more than what the state sends me in the form of unemployment insurance (for which, by the way, I am very grateful).

So what does a temporarily income-deprived woman do when she's suddenly (relatively) flush?

She goes shopping!

Those who know me know that I'm normally (or maybe abnormally) frugal.  Even in the best of times, I buy the bare minimum, shop for bargains, and clip coupons.  But tomorrow, I'm throwing caution to the wind and doing my retail duty.

Here's what I need:

  • Mascara.  I ran out months ago and the black shoe polish just isn't working for me anymore.
  • A clock radio.  See yesterday's post.
  • New vertical blinds for the family room. Every time we open or close them, one or two of the verts breaks off.  Our window reminds me of the gap toothed smile of a five year old.
  • Underwear.  New. Nuff said.
  • A $35 haircut.  With a professional pair of scissors wielded by a professional hairdresser in a salon with ridiculously expensive shampoos arrayed on glass shelves.  Not the rounded plastic safety scissors with the pink handle that the cat uses on me after I've bribed her with an extra handful of the laundry room.
I swear, you won't even recognize me the next time I leave the house, what with my new haircut, mascara and underwear.  You might even think I'm a member of that monied class...the class that has a job.


  1. Good luck Joan. With new underwear you will feel so empowered! You go girl!

  2. Are you getting matching bras and panties? That's definitely up there on my list of good times in the department store.

  3. Congratulations and good luck!

  4. Can elaborate on the new underwear psart?