Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Desperate times.... for desperate measures (I didn't make that up).

It is promising to be a long, cold winter. Our first mega-snow occurred on December 26, leaving two feet of the white stuff and at least four more months of freezes and melts, biting winds and chapped cheeks before we come out the other side. And tonight we're expecting another 6-12 inchesof snow.  This, for a girl whose ancestors schlepped through the (hot) desert and whose modern day Promised Land is south of Orlando (about four hours south, in a boat-like American made vehicle, with frequent stops for coffee, danish and arguments).

Last evening, I paged through the garden diary I kept last summer, especially enjoying the photos of sunflowers. But that only took about 10 seconds and I needed something to do to make it through the next 100 or so days.

So today I made "box art."

It's my own creation, an attempt to make an original, beautiful "object d'art" from the many boxes I've collected through the years.  This includes boxes that used to contain (faux) jewelry, Camenbert, and chocolate covered cherries.  Oh yeah, that's a pill bottle on top.  I have lots of those.

If you like it, I can make one for you too.  In the meantime, I'll be at the Home Depot, buying paperwhite narcissus - Martha Stewart's back-up suggestion.

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