Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Radio Daze

It's really sad when the primary feature you're seeking in a new clock radio is large buttons.

But even with all the cool new features that have been developed since the last time I purchased a clock radio in the 1990s - MP3 compatibility/ipod dock, nature sounds, remote control, atomic clock ("said to be so accurate that it would neither gain nor lose a second in over 30 million years" - which is about 29.9 million years longer than the clock itself would last) and voice recognition, to name a few, all I wanted to be able to do was turn the clock radio on and off.  I hadn't been able to do this with the one I was replacing because, well, the buttons were so small that it was not only impossible to see them in the dark of night, it was impossible to see them by the light of a nuclear conflagration.

I grew so frustrated trying to set the alarm, switch from AM to FM and reset the time after a power outage, that I learned to tell time by the cats' behavior.  If one of them was sitting on my bladder, it was still the middle of the night.  If she had moved upstream and was hacking up a hairball near my ear, it was time to get up.  For several reasons.

Fortunately the old clock radio broke.  Here's what it looks like today:

Tonight I'll remove the new clock radio from its box, plug it in and set it up. If I wake up tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. sharp and there's no cat in sight, I'll know the buttons were large enough.

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