Friday, March 4, 2011

Why March doesn't suck

My friend Lisa is pretty unhappy, because, from what I can tell, it's "only" March and she is sick and tired of any month with more than four letters in its name (unlike May, June and July).  So if, as T.S. Eliot so famously wrote, "April is the cruellest month," then, according to Lisa, March is a veritable sadistic month-fest!

In an attempt to cheer up Lisa (by the way, I haven't seen Lisa in nearly 35 years and I don't believe we were "besties" back in high school either, but I'm benevolent like this and also, she says really nice things about  my blog), I have compiled a list of the reasons why "March doesn't suck."  This one's for you Lisa!
  • Marshmallow peeps in the A&P.  In all sorts of pastel colors.
  • This year, at least, Passover isn't until late April.  Which means we still have a month -- one glorious month called March - until all the family in-fighting, the struggles with tough briskets and flat matzoh balls and the festival of the "Sneaking of the White Bread" starts.
  • Forsythia. 
  • March 20 - National Alien Abduction Day.  I kid you not.  National Alien Abductions Day  I understand it's pretty warm on Mars, Lisa.
  • NCAA Hoops! (whatever the heck that is, but I understand some people get pretty revved up about it).
  • James Madison's birthday on March 16th.  He would have been 260 years old if he weren't dead.
  • I saw some fuzz on the trees today.  Unless those were my Morgagnian cataracts.


  1. Joan Oliver EmmerMarch 04, 2011 8:04 AM

    One can only hope Amy!

  2. And- if you teach in a private school in Ohio - two weeks of spring break. Plus the birthing of the grand baby!

  3. And for you mathematicians, don't forget Pi day - 3.14 (March 14th) when you can bring in any round food to math class, measure the radius and/or diameter; calculate the area or circumference and then eat the goodies! I'll have pizza and oreos, thank you very much. Good for March. Bad for my waistline!

  4. We have dark chocolate covered Peeps. Yum!

  5. Another reason March doesn't suck is that it's not February.

  6. Well that does it. I am officially sold on March. Thanks! LOL