Monday, December 20, 2010

Dressing Up

I had to dress up and look nice for something one day two weeks ago.  In my case "looking nice" is a relative term.  In reality, there's not much you can do with brillo hair, a deathlike pallor and the start of a turkey neck.  At least not in the three hours I had allotted to me.

So I washed my hair and started to dry it carefully with my blowdryer.  Usually I just hurry through this step and the hair on the crown of my head ends up flat.  But this time I took my time, so that it had body, bounce and shine.  My cowlick was behaving and there were no obvious nits.  A heady success.

At which time I saw that the comb sitting on the sink was filthy with toothpaste so I rinsed it off under the faucet.  I then noticed that my hair needed a little neatening up, so I ran the comb through my just dried hair.  Except that the comb was still wet (though toothpasteless) and my carefully coiffed hair was now streaky-wet, rendering me looking as though I had just emerged from the shower.

I decided to forget my hair and concentrate on my make-up.  I pulled my vial of Cover Girl lipstick from my cosmetic bag and attempted to apply it to my lips.  Except that it broke in half and I ended up with half a stick of Berry Red sliding down my throat.

So now my hair is soaking wet, I'm choking on lipstick and it's time to go.  But I knew that, had my mother been present, she would have been pleased, my having applied color to my lips.

This is a true story. 

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  1. oooh I believe you Joan...been there LOL

    did you have a good time though?