Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Heart of the Home

For a long time I maintained the delusion that I didn't and couldn't cook much because I didn't have the time to do it properly.

Now that I've been home for six months without a job, that theory has gone the way of my latest adventures in reconstituted chocolate pudding. I have plenty of time, but chose to spend it in other ways, like aimlessly surfing the interwebz searching for relevant pyramid schemes.

My new excuse is that I don't have the proper tools. Enter into evidence my oven (below). The only way to keep it closed and prevent the heat from escaping is by propping a Breuer chair against it.

The stove broke a number of years ago. Add to that the flame-blackened cabinets, victim of Chanukah candles burning a little bit too high and a little too bright and the refrigerator that is too small for a family of two adults and two Things. I won't buy a new oven, cabinets or fridge because what we really need is an entire kitchen remodel. And we're just not in a position now to undertake that.
The one advantage of the Breuer chair in front of the stove is that someone always has a warm seat (and maybe a few singed eyelashes). It's my little way of welcoming guests to the heart of my home.


  1. That chair would be the "hot spot" for the chihuahuas in my home!

  2. That was way too funyy! To be honest, I would do the same thing. lol