Wednesday, December 1, 2010

If You Give a Moose a Muffin.....

....and squint, and turn your head to the side and take a couple of hallucinogenic drugs, you might even believe this is a real fireplace.

Does the electrical cord give away its fauxness?


  1. The fuzzy turkey on the mantle is a nice touch!

  2. Thanks! And you know what -- it's actually a very pleasant appliance -- it radiates heat and gives off light. The only downside is that when I flick the heat button on it starts a low rumble like a plane taking off. But overall I think it was a great purchase - only $30 out of pocket after I sold my "mint condition, brand new" Dr. Oz Breville juicer on Ebay for $100!

  3. Cool! My husband has been lobbying for an electric insert to our non-functional decorative fireplace for some time now.

  4. It looks "real" in the picture.
    You could put something large and ornamental (like a basket of kindling) in front of the electric cord, and your secret will be safe.

  5. A basket of kindling next to an electric fireplace is a wonderfully audacious idea.