Thursday, December 23, 2010


Yesterday the Today Show aired a segment about unusual compulsions.  Three women were featured, each with an unquenchable desire to:
  • practice ventriloquism (and she did, the entire interview. The interview essentially took place with her dummy)
  • eat toilet paper and
  • sleep with a blowdryer (in her defense, her hair looked great).

Here's the interview.  It's apparently part of a new TLC program about..strange addictions (I just know this is one for the Deiblers).

Watching this segment made me feel much better about my own minor foibles.  It put a spring in my step, all the way down the sidewalk - avoiding the cracks and ending on my right foot, as I must.

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  1. I was watching one about a woman who, like her mother, is addicted to chalk-as a food. -jamie