Friday, April 22, 2011

What will Kate wear?

With all the hoopla over the Royal Wedding and everyone wondering what Kate will wear, how she will look, and what she will say, it occurs to me that she has neglected to turn to the ONE person who could give her great advice about the day she is to become Mrs. Prince William.


I was about the same age as Kate when I got married (we both snuck in just under the proverbial wire -- i.e., right before we turned 30, after which the chances of getting married are less than the chances of a commoner like me getting an invite to the Royal wedding).  And while I may not be a fashion icon, speak with a cultured accent or have blue blood- whatever that is - I've been married to the same man for 23+ years (longer by far than all the recent Royals).  So I just may be able to teach her a bloody thing or two about how to comport and dress herself on her "special" day.

Here's a picture of me on my wedding day:
When it comes to the start of a royally long life together, who can argue with success?


  1. Love it! I think you definitely have blue blood!

  2. HOT stuff! I can definitely see why your marriage has lasted. No plunging neckline, though. I would add that part. But then I may be just a teensy bit different....if you know what I mean.
    Love the picture. It's a keeper.