Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Sibling Rivalry

Kate Middleton's younger sister's name is Pippa.  Not only is Pippa NOT marrying a prince like her sister, but her name is Pippa.  It's kind of sad.

Today, everyone the world over is focusing on Kate.  Kate's dress, Kate's prince, Kate's honeymoon. Kate's doddering old father-in-law, the future King of England.  Kate's grandmother-in-law, the carrier of the pocketbook.

But what about Pippa?

(Before I continue, let me say that I couldn't find a single picture of Pippa without that blood clot you see in the photo above affixed to her head).

According to Wikipedia ("The Source") Pippa is "known because of her sister." Nice.  According to another "source," it is rumored that Pippa is to fulfill the duties of a Lady in Waiting for her sister.  What does this entail?  Pippa will assist the new Princess on her travels and attend events with her, but rather than being a ‘formal’ Lady in Waiting and having to curtsy to The Queen, she will become Kate’s right hand woman.

I have to wonder what goes on at Casa Middleton, when the whole family is letting its collective hair down, far from the cameras.  Do the two sisters get into cat fights (as sisters tend to do), with Pippa spitting out "Mummy always liked you better!" to an astonished Kate, who replies, "But at least you don't have to pretend you enjoy supporting all those bloody charities!"  Will Pippa try to slip out of the house unnoticed, wearing Kate's tiara?  Who gets the front row tickets to the Bono concert?

Did I mention that her name is Pippa?


  1. One of the sleazy "news" shows had a "friend" of Kate on yesterday (okay, it was a moment of weakness...). This pal reported that Kate and Pippa used to compete to lose more weight. Heartwarming tales, no? Nothing brings a family together like a shared eating disorder. I guess the "you can never be too rich or too thin" ethos spans the pond.

  2. Interesting...I'm not sure I'd want to be my sister's "lady in waiting." Sounds a lot like servitude!

  3. It will certainly be interesting to see unfold as it goes on if she is the "lady in waiting" for her sister. Cat fights might be something that they would have to deal with trying to separate personal from professional relationships.

  4. A lot of your post was in my head when I was watching Pippa this morning. She's gorgeous too. Can't she just marry Harry? I don't see the problem here. Harry and Pippa. Yea, has a certain ring to it!

  5. Like I said on twitter - I think Pippa has it made. All she has to do is threaten to dance naked at the local pub, and they'll give her anything she wants!

    No thanks to being my sister's "Lady In Waiting" - I'd end up spitting in her tea. Then again, she'd get into some pretty awesome events!

    Blood clot - LOL!!


  6. I want to change my name to Pippa. This has met with some resistance from my boyfriend and my kids.

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