Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's a Body of Work Mystery! Enter our Contest and Win a Valuable Prize!

Can you identify what this is?

Post your guesses RIGHT HERE on Body of Work.  I will award two prizes:

  1. The first reader to post a correct guess will!
  2. The reader with the funniest guess (as judged by me) will win...another one of it!

Winner to be announced tomorrow (Friday April 15) along with a really snarky good explanation.


  1. Couple of possibilities:
    1)Dippity Doo- uncovered from the time capsule in your back yard.
    2)A new diet aid you are conducting market research on. Of special note: as it is "blue" and humans have a natural aversion to eating anything "blue" -it could work.
    3)Clorox gel mixed with Tidy bowl cleaner for those really scary freaky cleaning problems of unknown origin.

  2. Of course I instantly want to win any valuable prize!
    It looks like that "slime" toy that you basically just hold in your hands as it oozes through your fingers as your mother shouts at you that you had better not get it on her couch.

  3. I'm going with those blue gummy worms that got left in a hot car while you ran into Omar's adult books and laundromat.

    What's my prize?

  4. It's all about WINNING for me and Chuck...
    A) My wrinkle-fillin' Restylane® that I bought at Brooklyn Flea, and you carried in your backpack for me... Remember?
    B) Your Soap to Soup recipe
    C) Gummy Dolphins that were left on a windowsill
    D) Pretty

  5. I'm not guessing...too afraid I might win IT!

  6. Blue gel icing! Makes really cool ocean effects on those special projects. :)

  7. The brain of an extra-terrestial that is being studied and mined for the secrets of the universe! The laboratory is in a secret location in Quantico.

  8. It's toothpaste. At first you squeezed too much out, so you tried to put it back in. But in doing so even more came out, so you got the bowl to catch the excess, but were determined to keep trying (we've all been there), but all your efforts were more than fruitless (we've all been there, too), and at some point you gave up and decided to just sit there amidst your mess and make pretty designs with the remainder of the toothpaste in the bowl and as you were sitting there with your failed project you decided to make lemonade out of lemons and post it on your blog as a contest. I'm guessing...

  9. I think it's the Tea Party's new Presidential Candidate for 2012.

  10. Raymond BirdsellJune 13, 2011 9:26 PM

    Papa Smurf's contribution to in-vitro fertilization?