Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Gotta Elieve!

Macy's Herald Square is the world's biggest store and the first building to have the modern day escalator. It covers an entire city block with ten and a half levels of the latest fashions for you and your home (yes, I swiped that last part off the website).

But what Macy's Herald Square doesn't have is the letter "B."

I stared at this sign for about three minutes yesterday morning (nobody ever said I was quick-witted) before realizing that the Macy's workers had stopped before finishing their work.  (Or that someone somewhere was nursing a large B-shaped bruise on his head).
Source:  Joan Oliver Emmer for Planet Emmer.

Here's the press release announcing Macy's holiday "Elieve" campaign.  Macy's "Elieve" Campaign.  It's for a very worthy cause, so I hope it is successful.

Est wishes for a lessed and eautiful holiday season.


  1. More proof of the disappearance of Bee's.

  2. that is funny...honey!

  3. Interesting. I hope you'll let us know if the missing B arrives one day. I'd like to see that store one day.


  4. Isn't it great how the brain works for us even when information is missing! Fun little post.