Sunday, November 21, 2010

Martha's November-December Calendar

My Facebook "fans" (in the broadest sense of the term) know that I love Martha Stewart, the nesting she represents....and her monthly calendar.  Martha's monthly calendar lists her daily activities - activities related to shearing sheep, rutabaga, and fence posts.  I suspect the real purpose of the calendar is to make the rest of us feel like trash  for buying prepared mashed potatoes and store-bought - rather than home-made hand-dipped - candles in the little blue box for the (commercially manufactured) Chanukah menorah - rather than creating a menorah from a manzanita branch Martha "does" Chanukah

But it's a fun read and I just found a version of her calendar online. Martha's planning calendar - fun!  It's not as detailed as the in-magazine version, but it will do in a pinch!  Here's a November-December excerpt:

November 4 - Stock liquor cabinet for entertaining  (I can relate to that!)
November 7 Make reflective leash for pet (
November 16 Stock home bar (Done - check!)
December 18 - Make a polar fleece dog coat (

Do you "Martha?"  If so, how do you "Martha?"  Does it involve a compost pile?  I am holding a contest for the best holiday decorating idea involving cow manure, manzanita branches, Christmas cactus and lucite gnomes.  Don't hold back.  I'll be announcing the winner in a future column.

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