Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Royal Pain Wedding

The staff here at Body of Work just wouldn't be doing its job if it didn't acknowledge the upcoming royal nuptials that were announced yesterday. 

We were all relieved to hear that Prince William and Kate Middleton had finally made their engagement plans official.  Both in their late 20s, with no direction and no prospects to speak of....

Oh wait, that was me.

All joking aside, I think I have a great deal in common with Kate Middleton. 
  • She's a commoner.  I'm common.
  • She's an emerging fashion icon. I'm a ... she's an emerging fashion icon.
  • Kate wears statement-making hats.  Me too.  Here's a photo of me wearing a hat I picked up in the big city last week:

(Yes, those ARE my flannel pajamas hanging on the hook in the background.  What were you expecting from this Mickey Mouse operation - Victoria's Secret?)

I remember that when Thing 1 was a toddler, my mother and I were discussing how difficult it was to raise children.  Somehow we got onto the subject of Princess Diana, whose kids were a few years older than Thing 1 was at the time.   Mom remarked how Princess Di probably had it easier than me, that she probably wasn't on her hands and knees cleaning up Cheerios off the royal kitchen floor.

But I think if you look hard enough you can find many similiarities between the royals and "just us folk."  And I fully expect an invitation to the wedding.  I wonder if Kate and Will will be registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I hope so - I've got a minivan full of 20% off coupons.


  1. FASHIONISTA! You really know how to work those ears!You go girl...

  2. It's just as well I won't be getting an invitation to this wedding. I'd have to buy shoes.