Monday, November 15, 2010

Going R - O - G - U - E

I went rogue this weekend, purchasing a birthday gift for one of Thing 2's classmates that's a little out of the ordinary.  Instead of buying a giftcard for a cool mall store like PacSun or Aeropostale or one for ITunes, as most of the kids do, I purchased an old-fashioned game.  Scrabble.

I figured his little friend might appeciate a gift she could dig into as soon as she got home from her party, maybe striking up a friendly match with her parents or siblings.  It's a fun game, educational, traditional -- in fact, no one can say a bad word (that's a pun) about Scrabble

But if Scrabble's not her cup of tea, she can always get back at me (see below).  And if she gets the "W" or the "Y" on a triple letter score, she's bound to emerge a winner!

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  1. Good for you...I think that is a great's funny too because I considered by a replacement Scrabble Game for myself this weekend.

    I love the idea that not only was it NOT a giftcard but it was also not an electronic gift of some sort which I always assume are the gifts of choice for anyone younger than 25.

  2. You are so right, PawPurrry. It is a huge relief to me when my son gets a non-electronic gift. And surprisingly, the kids see to like them too -- especially if there is someone who sits down with them one on one to play!