Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poetry Thursday

The autumnal colors in my East Coast neighborhood (I.can't reveal exactly where, because this blog has made me the target of stalkers....and not the good kind) are splendiferous.

In fact, they so inspired me while taking out the garbage this a.m. that I decided to write a poem about the season, expressing my feelings and my hopes for the future and for mankind.  I hope you enjoy it.

Oh splendiferous leaves in my East Coast neighborhood whose location I cannot reveal
Whispering of the end of summer in green, red, gold, orange and plum
How I wish I could freeze this moment in time
And pull it out to feast my eyes upon when the weather is cold and gloomy
Would that I had a big ole can of Aqua Net hairspray
I would cover you with heavy mist and freeze you in your natural splendor
Like all the ladies with the blue hair at the beauty parlor

Oh splendiferous leaves in my East Coast neighborhood whose location I cannot reveal
Fall...fall softly and spread your splendor on the cooling ground
But, please, try to avoid the gutters on the house
Because my DH gets really angry when he has to get up on the ladder
And clean them out
Especially when he falls off and onto the spikey decorative pink flamingo ornaments

Stay beautiful, oh splendiferous leaves.
You give me strength
You give me hope
You give me lots of ideas for creative autumnal crafts
And that, according to Martha Stewart, is a Good Thing.


  1. time for you to start writing for The New Yorker!

  2. OKAY - Now THIS one is my very favorite!

  3. hahahahahaha!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! My new favorite word is now "splendiferous".

  4. Emmer, you've done it again. This is the best poem I've read in a LONG time!