Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Conversation with the Fine Folks at New Jersey Energy Choice

In the midst of last week's ocular emergency, the phone rang.  It was a representative from New Jersey Energy Choice, calling to talk to me about ways to save on my energy bill.

I told him I couldn't speak to him right now.  After all, I was in searing pain and my eye was swollen all the way up to the ceiling.

He (Him?):  What do you mean you can't talk about this now?

Me:  That's kind of presumptuous of you to ask me why I can't talk right now. (Lucky for me I can keep my wits about me and use really big words in the most stressful of emergency situations).

He (Him?)  Presumptuous? (Said with a whiff of scorn and a soupcon of disdain)

Me:  Do you even know what presumptuous means?

He (Him?):  No.

Me:  (My brow furrowing, trying to come up with the worst insult I can think of - and I really, really zinged him, if I do say so myself):  If you don't know what presumptuous means, you, shouldn't be working for New Jersey Energy Choice!

I really told He (Him?), didn't I?

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