Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a Fleeting Thought -- While I Can Still Remember It

I have a midterm on Thursday evening, my first in about a quarter of a century (that sounds like a long time, doesn't it)?  It's an "open note" exam, so I'm not too worried about it, but I will need to review my notes and get my "cheat sheets" in order beforehand. 

Whereas in the past, I would have started my review several days, if not a week in advance, this time I'm not going to crack the books until Thursday morning.  And, for geriatric students like me, there's a very good reason:

If I start to study any earlier, I won't remember anything I've reviewed by the time I get to class on Thursday evening.

There's the rub: as a mature student, my motivation and appreciation for what I'm learning is much greater than it was earlier in life.  But I can't remember what I'm appreciating for very long.

That's all I had in mind to say this morning - I think.

Big announcement tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with your midterm Joan - just don't forget to go take it!

    I went back to school after my divorce for a degree less artsy than art, and graduated 12 years ago with a degree in Math and Computer Science. After almost straight A's in classes like Advanced Calculus, Numerical Analysis, and other names I can't remember, I couldn't tell you what Calculus is! Now I fix people's computers and networks, so my excuse is that it's not like I use any of that. And now, I can sometimes remember someone's password from 5 years ago, but then forget the one I use every day.

    Good luck - oh yeah, I said that already!

  2. Lots of luck on the midterm, I'm sure you'll ace it.

    I HATE cliffhangers!!!! ARRRRGGGH!

  3. And I just thought it was me who crammed, and couldn't remember a thing. Good luck. By the way, I'm sure your writing skills are superior to anyone in the class, including the professor.