Friday, March 18, 2011

The Prince and the Commoner

I just love reading about the Royal Family.  There was a very interesting article by the Associated Press in yesterday's Home News Tribune about Prince Charles.  Apparently Prince Charles is finding himself in an uncomfortable position during this last month leading up to the wedding of his son Prince William and lovely  Kate Middleton.  The Prince is an afterthought, an aging codger, caught between his mother, Queen Elizabeth, who seems destined to be embalmed on the throne and his son William, who is infinitely more popular and hip than Charles ever was.

Finally, a Royal crisis I can relate to.

According to the AP, Chuck (as I like to call him) is seen by some as "slightly potty — a stooping man who talks to his plants and ......relies on a retinue of loyal aides to handle life's more tedious tasks, like putting toothpaste on his toothbrush."

Just like me, except for the "loyal aides" part.

Also, at the post wedding dinner he is hosting he "will be expected to provide the food and the wine and to make a heartfelt toast — and then make himself scarce so the kids can have a good time."

Just like me, except I would wager that Chuck doesn't have to keep checking downstairs every three minutes to make sure the kids haven't stuffed the cat into the toilet weighted down by the crown jewels.

There's one more thing that Chuck and I have in common.  Take a look at the photo in the article.

I wear a dress and carry a purse.  And Chuck.....

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  1. Wears a skirt and a fanny pack? Or were you comparing your carrying a purse to him with a bag on his arm?