Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Push "Print!"

I had been doing so well. Resisting when the urge overcame me, looking for creative alternative ways to keep myself busy, attempting mind-body techniques to smother the subtle beckoning.  But sometimes the siren call is too much for me and I give in.  First, just occasionally, and now, more and more.
I'm using my printer again.

When I started this telecommuting new job , I realized that without access to a high speed printer (and an administrative assistant to unclog paper jams, call the printer company, replace printer cartridges and provide a steady stream of hard candies from a bowl on the her desk) I would need to be a bit more parsimonious with regard to my use of the "print" button.  What this meant was that when writing one of my secret papers, I would have to forego reprinting all 20 pages when all I had changed was one or two words:  "oily" to "unctous" for example or "crazy conservative bitch" to "Anne Coulter."

Instead I learned to pull information off my screen and set up two documents side by side to compare edits and changes.  I was proud of my progress and acutely aware of the impact I was making to preserve this earth of ours and fight global warming, one wrinkled 8 1/2 x 11 sheet at a time.

Now I feel myself slipping. It started when I found myself using my "editor's best friend" Sharpie permanent marker directly on my computer screen.  Or "zooming" the text up to 400 times times normal so I could actually read my ramblings.

Now, while accepting my failure, I'm not ready to give up.  I am fairly certain there is a one step program for people like me - those who have failed "Earth Day, 101." I'm going to look it up on the Internet.  And then print out the directions and instructions.

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  1. Great post! and I'm with you on Ann Coulter! I try to print as little as possible, but sometimes you just have to do it.