Friday, September 24, 2010

What if you could have a second chance?

Given that today is the scheduled release of "Money Never Sleeps" - the sequel to Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" -  I've  been thinking about financial matters A LOT.  And the thought of finances - shady or otherwise - brings to mind Donald Trump.

Here's what I know about "the Donald," along with my MBA-type evaluation of his balance sheet:

  • He skewered Rosie O'Donnell.  He called her a "loser" and made inappropriate comments about her weight.  This was in response to Rosie calling him a "snake oil salesman."  Internal Rate of Return:  Zero.  All allegations from both sides were appropriate. 
  • He was mean to Martha Stewart.  Unconscionable.  Despicable.  The Donald is mean to Martha 
  • Ivana, Marla and Melania.  You be the judge.

Last evening I decided to give the new season of the Apprentice a go, because I’d heard that this season’s contestants were unemployed professionals seeking a “second chance.”

I’d stopped watching the Apprentice several seasons ago because I…well, because watching Donald Trump in action makes me want to put a bullet through my head.  But being an unemployed “professional” myself, I thought that the show would resonate with me, that I might have something in common with the contestants.

In fact, I knew I had NOTHING in common with this group as soon as I spied the parade of unemployed sales reps, grad students, attorneys, publicists, and bankers, struggling property developers and business owners, former construction engineers and fledgling entrepreneurs with really good hair and cool Prada sunglasses declaring:
  • “I will take her down!”
  • “Game on!” 
  • "It’s getting personal.”
  • “I kicked some butt!”
I assume the passion with which the contestants approached their task - selling ice cream bars in New York City - was prompted by the gravity of this assignment.  On a hot New York City day, if you don't sell that melting ice cream quickly, you never get a second chance.


  1. Brilliant. Again. I have the show Tivo'd - just in case I get desperately low on other TV.

  2. I am waiting and watching it. But of ALL of the unemployed... they couldn't find that many folks over 35, 40 or G-D forbid 50? Someone who would sell ice cream not dressed like a hooters waitress. I guess the Donald is scared of a few old broads... Joan Rivers must have been too much for him.