Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Filing System

Each morning, after launching Thing 2 onto the schoolbus, I walk to the side of my bed, flex at the knees and reach down for the pile that is accumulating on the floor.  This pile typically includes bills, statements of benefits, crochet hooks, articles that I have ripped out of magazines or newspapers, bandaids, spools of thread, textbooks (the DSM-IV TR), pencils, post-it notes, mutual fund statements, unaddressed birthday cards, and, most recently, six postcards of paintings of the Titanic that I bought at the Luxor in Las Vegas.  I place the pile on my bed, with the intention of dealing with each and every item.

Each night, before getting into bed, I place my hands around the ever growing pile and settle it on the floor at the side of my bed.  That way, I won't miss it when I get up the next morning, rinse and repeat.

I believe this is called "filing."

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