Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Will Martha Stewart Be Leaving the Building?

Along with the October issue of Martha Stewart Living, I received a notice that my subscription is "over" if I don't send $29.94 ("that's like getting 6 FREE issues!").  Martha will be unable to send me any more, unless she hears from me...and soon.

I never actually subscribed to Martha Stewart Living in the first place.  It (she?) was a replacement for another magazine that ceased publication partway through my subscription.

As I am out of work -- and frugal under any circumstances -- I am thinking hard about whether to "place the seal on the Reinstatement Form."  So I'm carefully considering what I have learned from being a reader of Martha Stewart Living:

  • If you have floral wire, spray paint, a hot glue gun and a little arugula, there is no entertaining situation you can't meet head on.
  • I should never have discarded anything from the 1960s.  Heck, I should never have discarded anything, ever.
  • Every month should have a theme.  And a front-door wreath to match.
  • With just a few simple steps, I can keep my spanakopita from emerging soggy.
  • Light and flaky phyllo dough pastries topped with seasonal fruits are a more appropriate dessert for company than my specialty:  Jello mold and Twinkies and milk.
Truth be told, the beautiful photos in the magazine make me weep; reading an issue is like wrapping me in a hug of domesticity.

And if not for Martha, how would I ever know that October 25 (our wedding anniversary) is when I am supposed to install heat lamps and water heaters in our chicken coop?  Maybe I'll send in my money.....

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